Hi, I’m David Leo Schultz, and I’m…well, I’m me. I lived in Indianapolis in the same house till I was 16, and then I’ve lived in the following in Chronological Order: Bloomington, Indiana (two weeks), Indianapolis, IN (1 year), Broad Ripple, IN (1 Year), Carmel, In (one Summer), Anderson University/Anderson, In (4 1/2 years) while I went to college, one summer I lived in Evansville, IN, Two Summers I lived in a van with fellow vagabond Ragamuffins, after college…Miamisberg, Ohio (6 months), then 4 months of living in and out of my car traveling performing comedy and preaching the gospel…although I started when I was 13 and pretty much am still doing it off and on…, San Diego (8 months–3 of those in the attic of a church youth building), Koreatown/LA, CA (5 months), Sherman Oaks, CA (3 years), Seattle, WA (8 months), Sherman Oaks, CA (2 years), Seattle, WA (3 months), Santa Clarita, CA (18 months), Berkeley, CA (6 months and counting)…and probably LA or New York is in the not too distant future…For over 13 years through my teenage and college years I was doing a comedy/acting sketch team that would perform and then talk about Jesus in a raw and honest way. We were named “The Color Green” after a Rich Mullins song, and our message almost exclusively revolved around The Love of God, after most of us read “Ragamuffin Gospel” by Brennan Manning. In 2004, I moved to LA and studied acting and comedy with Groundlings and Kip King (Chris Kattan’s Dad, and original groundling), and several other acting coaches in Los Angeles, CA. After the summer of 2003, “The Color Green” turned from a group into a solo act and speaking ministry. While keeping this going, studying acting, I started putting a few movies together, one with Chevy Chase and Burt Reynolds called “Not Another Not Another Movie” and the other “Scout’s Honor” with Chris Kattan and Fred Willard. Then in 2010 I secured the rights to do movies about Rich Mullins and Brennan Manning. In my spare time I co-own and run a non for profit Coffee Shop and Cafe in Berkeley, Ca called “Cafe Yesterday.” My production company “Color Green Films” currently has 5 films, and two tv shows in development, and occasionally travel perform and speak while pursuing an acting and comedy career. Oh, yeah and now I started a blog….but my favorite thing about me next to being married to a hot and wonderful wife…is that I am ravenously loved by God.


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  1. David

    The color green was recommended as an antidepressant by one of the fathers of music therapy, Marsilio Ficino. As a scholar of medievalism, C.S. Lewis was well aware of Ficino’s work. A student of C.S. Lewis like Richard Mullins may also have been.


    Ficino also reccomended a practice called the “imago mundi:” a drawing, a representation of the earth (as best we know it) as an exercise of memory, imagination and alignment with the viewpoint of the Creator.

    Wishing you the best in your research!

    Pam Richards

  2. David – I’m a fan and I’m following your blog! Your writing style reminds me of Rich talking and Frederick Buechner writing…two of my favorites! Keep writing and sharing and challenging….God used two sentences of yours to challenge me at deep levels I never knew needed His touch (and I wrote a blog entry about it just now!).

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