Hallow—ed be thy name—-#26 of the 30 day challenge to blog

I am writing this on Halloween day, and I can barely contain my excitement as I get to dress my little love Lucy up…we were gonna do a bumble bee, but she hates things on her head…and I mean hates it. We’ve gone through two different costumes, and if we put something on her head…she turns into a monster. A cute, silly monster, but also…It’s terrifying. So we are going with Tinker Bell, I think.

I’d like to do a little something different today on Halloween, but before I do let me tell you I’m not a crusty old Christian, who has nothing better to do than bitch how people shouldn’t celebrate Halloween. I think that’s bullshit on a stick. I think some Christians must have made up a verse in the Bible and wrote it in themselves…”Now that you are a Christian you must now become a party pooper…quote Judas Iscariot”…I dunno…even right now there’s gonna be some sad panda christian that’s like…hey don’t be mean to me just because I feel convicted about not blah blah blah…well you know what I’m not with people pleasing Christians…there are giant waves of bullshit constantly coming from the Christian crowd that like’s to fucking rain on people’s parade…there’s not a really nice way to put it…so I’d like to be one voice, and I’d hope you join me fellow brothers & sisters in Jesus to stand up and call bullshit on what needs to be called bullshit on. Honestly some Christians are so wound up, and have such large sticks up their ass what they need to do is not pray more, or read their bible more…but has the late great Richard Pryor once said…”Have a coke and a smile and shut fuck up.”

Some of you must be thinking, Schultz must be depressed, or mad, or sad with all this flippant talk…I assure you. I am in a fine mood. You may review my very first blog on cussing if you wish on the first day of this blog challenge. And if you still find it offensive…No one asked you to read it, and now you may stop. Let’s stop making people into what we wish they would be. Into how they should dress, into how they should walk, into how they should talk…and to how they should have a party, or celebrate a holiday…so many Christians I know just flat out have it backwards…the whole idea of God sanctifying us comes from the inside outward, not the other way around…and everyone is on different journey’s, and even to add to the confusion pot…we who love Jesus, who earnestly seek him…come to different theological and especially philosophical resolutions that outwardly effect how we live every day life…and for the Christian instead of having a inward heart of humility and servanthood…the Christian marches around like a moral police cop telling everyone to shape up or ship out…And this is how I feel…one who loves Jesus…but has in all honestly come to many different conclusions on some of the non-essentials of the faith, like liberties that involve smoking, drinking, cussing etc…versus essentials like the cross, Jesus being the only way to God…you know…things like that. And that’s how I feel…now can you see why the world, so many people that are just humans trying to figure out life think we Christians are a bunch of assholes? So I’m gonna join that crowd and hear the cry of their heart…and call bullshit on what needs to be called bullshit from Christians! Why? So when someone who doesn’t know Jesus says…”Hey, but I thought you were a Chrisitan…why are saying what you’re saying? Than I can go…”I wanted to be louder with the asshole christians…louder with my love than they are with their hate for one reason and only one reason…to let you know that their attitudes and approaches…from the big things like walking around with signs that say “God hates” to the little stuff saying you can party hardy with Jack-o-lanterns and candy…they do not represent the heart of God…the heart of God shouts I love you my child, that is why I sent my child to die for you…and I want to adopt you, and clobber you with my love on a daily basis…if you’ll let me.”

Sorry for the derailment. Moving forward I’d like to share an excerpt from my friend and fellow Ragamuffin Shane Claiborne

“Before there was “Halloween”, there was “All Hallows’ Eve” — and All Saints Day. For hundreds of years, before jack-o-lanterns and zombies and candy corn, Christians around the world have remembered the dead, the saints, the cloud of witnesses that have gone before us. Halloween comes from the same root word as “hallowed” or “halo”, meaning holy. This weekend liturgical Christians around the world honor “all saints day” by reciting the names of the holy saints of God throughout the centuries.”

Here’s where I’m at on the whole deal. Both. To allienate ourselves from culture for the sake of the past makes as much sense as me selling my car and buy a horse and proclaiming “This is what we did hundreds of years ago!!!!”

And yet, there’s a certain level of pride and ignorance that goes into forgetting your past, or cutting off your historical roots. For example…if someone asks me…”Where did your last name Schultz come from?” And I simply respond “Who gives a shit!”

But there’s so much beauty to the history of my name. Like the fact it was changed as my Lithuanian Jewish ancestors came through Ellis Island…and whoever the what couldn’t understand Von Stoltz…and they changed it to Schultz…And because of that one person’s penmanship…it’s my last name to this day.

So when it comes to Halloween, let’s be like our ancient Christian ancestors and not fear death, but celebrate it with our neighbors and partake in the play of make believe …and yet let’s remember that this Holiday is built on the foundation of another one called, “All Saints Day”.

Here’s my list of saints that are among the living dead, for as a Christian, I believe in the communion of the saints. Here’s a small list that have impacted me, both directly or just through the scriptures, but after I give my loved ones hugs and kisses on the other side…I plan on hunting these folks down to simply say “Thank you.”

The saints also known as the living dead in my heart:

-Roanna Jane Caldwell

-James K. English

-Rich Mullins

-Brennan Manning

-St. Francis of Assisi

-C.S. Lewis

-G.K. Chesterton

-Mother Teresa

-Catherine of Sienna

-Brother Lawrence

-St. Paul

-King David


-Gary Rowe

-Debbie Mullins

I love you saints. I say I love you to those I know, and those I don’t. For both have had a huge impact on me. Happy Halloween. Thank you all for being the hands and feet of Christ whether it be through flesh and bone, or through the scriptures or history books. I look forward to seeing you on the other side, and saying “Thank you.”

David Leo Schultz


~ by David Leo Schultz on October 31, 2015.

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