A movie is not made by a person, it’s made by people—Day #8 of the 30 day challenge to blog

Gratitude. That’s all I feel. Well that’s not totally accurate. I feel many things, but right now all of my feelings, the good, the bad, & even the ugly insecurities lay on a blanket of gratitude. Much like getting a fluffy warm blanket out of the dryer. At first it is full of life, warmth, and fluffiness. With the response to the teaser trailer, I am simply overwhelmed. I’m giddy. And while we were hopeful, the response has beat my expectations. But with time, my emotional bliss will die down, but that doesn’t mean i’m not grateful. I am, and will be. It’s not simply rhetoric to say that I’m humbled. I never thought I’d get to make a movie, let alone direct a movie, let alone one people would actually care about.
I’m not dumb I know why folks want to see these two movies, and it has nothing to do with me, thank God, it has everything to do with two saints. St. Rich & St. Brennan. I get it, they have been saints to me, to my soul, and to my journey of the soul. But deeper than that, is the the affection they’ve stirred in us. Maybe it was a song, a book, or even smaller like a lyric or a line. Or maybe it was even deeper, like the fire in both of their eyes that led you to something deeper…and hopefully that was the fire in the heart & endless love of the Heavenly Deeper Himself…if it wasn’t. You may not get them, they way you thought you did. Because if you got that they both were all about Jesus, and had a fundamental understanding of the gospel of grace..who would have been able to see past their flaws, their vices…and more importantly past their virtues, and works of art…and even past the ups and downs of their walk with Christ…past all of that…to Christ himself.
I once heard a pastor, “Pay attention to what stirs your affections for Christ.” That’s what it is for me. Brennan and Rich have stirred my affections for the one whom had ambushed their heart. Can I explain it? About as much as I can explain why I like chocolate chip ice cream, road trips, and camping out in Yosemite. My affections are what they are. Don’t get me wrong I love many things. Some healthy for my soul, and some not so much…but my deepest joy, the very deepest parts of my soul that brings me the most amount of giddiness is Christ himself. And for whatever reason when ever I hear Rich sing “Creed” or I hear Brennan preach L’amour de Dieu est folie (The Love of God is folly!) my heart starts to spin & swirl.
I feel like i’m just a witness to the work being done, nothing more. I’m a backseat driver at times, but in the moments I can shut up and observe. The moments I can be still and quiet my soul. Those are the moments I can see God in my midst. I can watch him work. And it’s beautiful…And do you know what I see…I see how his love is unfair. It’s hunting us all down for a lion.
Truly making these two movies were an utter joy. Painful at times, but a sweet adventure. Making Ragamuffin with my friend Bodie, and having my wife Amy produce the movie, and pretty much laughing non-stop with Dave Mullins will always be treasured memories for me on the set of Ragamuffin.
And getting to make this movie, is like an extra serving of Grace. I never thought I’d get to direct one move. Let alone two. This summer is one of the best summers of my life. I truly am smitten. I have fallen in love with making movies. Acting will always be my first love, but directing has seduced my soul. And writing, well writing, is the car that takes me back and forth between the two. It gets the job done. All though my fondest memories of writing are when I’m completely lost, in the middle of nowhere, and the imaginary even for a moment has become my present reality. So, yeah, I like writing…sometimes.
This really has been a community movie in every way imaginable. I had one of the best cast & crews imaginable. It was like summer camp, when the campers go to sleep in the college counselors sneak outside to play. Fun doesn’t describe the amount of enjoyment it was, but it will have to do. But, while it was fun, making a movie is still like going to war, and I couldn’t have done it without my producer J.B. Waggoner who I tip my hat off too…I’ve never done a movie where, during production I was strictly being creative…I always had to do producing work…but not this time. He killed it. And the tour de force of a cinematographer Brooks Burgoon who simply, knocked it out of the park…and made this movie look like…well…a movie. And with a budget, considering what normal movies are made for, was mere peanuts. He wasn’t just doing the job of a DP, he poured his heart & soul into the story, and really every moment. And the crew hands down were all awesome. Like I said, it was camp. And like the all too familiar feelings I had when camp was over, I am experiencing again. I miss my new friends. But hopefully we will get to make another one, and go back to camp.
I don’t usually blog like this. I usually never do, actually. I usually only write, when I am carbonated by my emotions, and or pain…and I can no longer keep it in anymore…but today I’m comfy with just being grateful. Thank you all for your love, and support. Excited to see where all this hoopla goes…but hopefully it won’t just cause momentary giddiness in people’s hearts…hopefully it will stir them to something deeper, or should I say to someone deeper.
David Leo Schultz

~ by David Leo Schultz on October 13, 2015.

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