TO CUSS OR NOT TO CUSS- Day #1 of the 30 day challenge to blog every day

Day #1 of the 30 day challenge to blog.


So I’m gonna write, but I’m not sure I’m writing for anyone to read, as much I’m writing for me. Maybe it’s selfish. Maybe it’s discipline. Maybe it’s that I like to hear the sound of my own voice, but don’t we all… Sure maybe we’re more quiet than others, but that doesn’t mean we don’t relish in our essence. Even in the pursuit of humility, we like that we’re pursuing that. What’s the old expression, the moment you’re pursuing being humble, is the moment you’re not. But I don’t pretend to be humble, not because I don’t want to be, but because I know the one of the items in the recipe at least…and that is you don’t think about yourself too much…not in a self-hatred way…but just less…and I think about myself all the time…granted most of it’s not good…but still…Man, I have A.D.D….how did I fall down this rabbit trail? Or maybe it was intentional…maybe the stuff I want to say won’t be popular…with anyone…which brings me to why my first word is disclaimer…so here was one of my hesitations with doing this…I’m gonna be me on this thing…and you may not like it…and let’s be honest…I like being liked…and you know I think even the spiritual/holy types do…you know why I think so? Because you’d be a weirdo if you walked down the street going…”I hope no one likes me.”

Okay so now for the disclaimer…I have all type’s of friends. Jewish, Pagan, Christian, Buddhist, Gay, Straight, extroverted, introverted, kind, rude, boring, fun, beautiful, ugly like Matt Gast, hilarious, and those without a sense of humor, serious, and those serious about not being serious. So here’s the deal…feel free to comment, or message me, but if any of you start’s being rude or picking fights with anyone on here, if anyone is unlovely or unkind, I will delete your comments…and because I’m still a little tired, and haven’t had finished my coffee let me say this…if any of you make anyone feel like less of a person with your perspective, your bigotry, your opinions I will block you. Here’s a fun fact, most of the people I’ve had to block on my personal Facebook are…Christians. And if any of y’all got some hangups with it…well it’s my Facebook account, and I can do whatever I want…so nanananah boo-boo. And let me say this…as I do have a lot of the “Christian Folk” that like to interact with me on here…some of you I know…most I don’t…let me tell you something about me. And I’m not trying to be mean by saying this…but I have a real pet peeve…I can’t stand over spiritualizing things…especially from Christians…do you know the type? It’s like they sneeze, and they go, “Oh holy Lord thank you for the snot that just cleared my system…I just feel like your speaking to me now “…So why is it such a pet peeve? Well, mostly it just annoys me…but sometimes the overly spiritual-Christianeese talk feels very alienating to just having a human conversation. It’s like so many Christians I know, don’t get or don’t care, that social media sites like this don’t just involve a Christian audience. And sometimes they come across as corny…well that’s fine…we all have corny family member in our family that makes us do a face-plant…so that’s fine I guess…we are all weirdo’s, and to be human, is to accept that we’re all individuals …and some of us just aren’t as cool as us…of course, to them they are the cool ones…and maybe their right. But corny, I can deal with, what I can’t is assholes. And specifically Christian assholes. Maybe it’s because I myself am a Christian, I have a real intolerance for Christian assholes. Maybe if there was a lot of Buddhist assholes that left comments on my pages or blog or whatever…I’d be more tolerant…but…honestly I don’t know a lot of Buddhist assholes…right now I’m picturing a Buddhist monk flipping someone off in traffic and I’ve got a case of the giggles.

And my final disclaimer. I’m a Christian. Whether I like it or not. God has ambushed me with his astonishing grace and love. Now…here’s the deal, often here’s where I don’t fit in anywhere…I’m a Christian, but often I find, that I’m not the Christian that others want me to be. I cuss, I smoke, I drink, and the worst part, is I don’t find any of those things to be sinful. I know…right? How dare I? But here’s the deal…once I shipwrecked my life…and I found myself pounding my fists on the steering wheel yelling at God…”God I’m so pissed at you…I’m so furious because I’m convinced your real…and I hate Christians so bad…and it’s not a club I want to be a part of…and I hate how we treat each other…especially when you screw up your life…” And I may sound crazy…but I felt the spirit of God whisper in a still small voice…”Would you still follow me, if know one else thought you were a Christian?” Right in that moment…I took a breath, brushed off my tears and quietly said, “Yes.” From that moment on…I have tended to not really give a shit whether Christian Joe or Christian Sally thinks I’m a hypocrite because I say shit or not…To clarify…I was also studied the bible in college and have searched the scriptures my whole life, and have genuinely sought God, and counsel, and have had endless conversations with folks…and just genuinely have a different view point of the verses that people throw out when they say not to cuss…mainly because the word “cuss” isn’t in the bible…or sure there are words like “un-wholesome talk”…”filthy language”….”coarse talk”…”obscene language” …and the like in scripture…but I look at those scriptures differently I guess…

Like my hero Rich Mullins used to say…”I don’t look at the bible the way people wish I would”…call me crazy but it’s hard for my brain to wrap around the idea that certain words are wrong…especially when they were crafted into the human language roughly 1,000 years after the scriptures were written….but that’s not the only reason I don’t think the scriptures are referring to that…I think for too long people that call themselves Christians have used those verses as a great excuse to prove themselves to be holy with their mouths…with their speech…see I actually believe the scriptures to be true…and love those verses…and I think what God is calling us too say for example in the book of James chapter 3…has way more to do with the heart of our speech than it does with some magical, mystical, superstitious words that are “bad” or “cuss” words…for example…I’d rather hear someone go…”Awww shit I broke my foot?!”…than hear someone go…”Did you hear about Sally, I heard she had an affair, and is getting a divorce. We should pray for her.”….Now which one would you guess is…”unwholesome talk”…well, you know my answer…it’s the one who gossiped…not the one who said…a slang word for poop because they were in pain and brooke their foot. Christians, don’t even argue with me on this one, or get on my comment page and “female-dog” about how I’m wrong…trust me…many have tried…including some brilliant Christian pastors, authors, and evangelist…actually recently I had a friend that was so fed up with me going back and forth and said…”Well you know what David…at the end of the day I don’t think we should cuss because it makes us sound less intelligent…and un-intelligent people use that speech”…and I said…”oh, so you’re a snob.”…

Now this could be wrong…but where I actually heard that this whole myth of certain words are wrong…actually came from rich people…not the church….rich people would go…”don’t use those words…that’s how poor people talk.” Now I do think language is important, and I very much believe in respect…so if you don’t want me to say “fleebalblad;oifanpsdoifna[sodifasdkn” or any other arbitray word in front of you, I can love you, and respect you and not do that…but to impose a certain list of words that I shouldn’t say, to me is as ridiculous as believing in the easter bunny. If there were a list…where is it? Oh, weird I can’t find it in the bible…which is so strange because I can’t meet a Christian (besides a few) who doesn’t say that it’s a sin to say “f$%k”…yet I find it no where in the scriptures. And then some people go…but our culture even thinks it’s wrong…and I go, well when should followers of Jesus ever follow what culture does…I thought it was supposed to be God and his scriptures…but then again, I like to be a smart ass. Which is pride, and that’s a sin…so I’m not innocent in this whole conversation. smile emoticon At the end of the day were gonna disagree, but what I think is important for the Christian to ask is this…Jesus once said…”If you really want to come after me, take up your cross daily, and follow me.”…Rich Mullins said of this verse…”I don’t think that verse is just calling us to die to our vices…but also to our virtues…he’s calling us to total surrender”…I know when I feel, even thought it’s rare, totally surrendered to God…I am willing give God my everything. God have my heart, soul, mind, and even my tongue…have everything….not just the bad…but also the good…I think it’s that place where the Holy Spirit molds us into who he wants us to be…It reminds be of when Abraham was told by God to go sacrifice his son Issac …and he was willing to…even thought Issac represented God’s promises, was the future of Israel, and not to mention his only son…and right when he had his knife up about to kill his son…an Angel of the Lord stopped him and said…”never mind” (Im’ paraphrasing)…C.S. Lewis said that ” Anything in excess can be a sin”…but I’d say anything can be a sin..if it becomes more important than God in your heart…even the good stuff…even the stuff we’ve deemed as holy…and we live in a day where rarely no one agrees on what’s a sin or isn’t a sin anymore…

I personally…am okay with the conversation…why? Because I think people are asking the wrong questions…for some reason evagelicals especially have always been hung-up on finding this magical list of what we should do or shouldn’t do…I think it’s so they can feel safe…not to unlike my Jewish family heritage where the Hebrews added all these additional laws to keep them from even potentially sinning…but I don’t think it’s a list…I think it’s harder than that…much like my view on language…see coming up with a list of words is way easier than wanting all of your speech to be holy…because you can be completely un-holy in your speech and never say a cuss word…the same goes with your life. The same goes with your heart. You may have this whole list of things you won’t do…and this whole list of things you can do…and when I hear that from my Christian friends, and brothers and sisters in the faith…I can’t help but feel a little sad…and wonder if they’ve missed the whole point…Jesus isn’t looking for lists…he’s looking for your heart…he doesn’t want good little boys and girls…he wants all of you. And he wants your heart to want all of him, above everything else. Not just the bad, but also the good.

Man mabye blogging was a bad idea…I’ve written so much, and haven’t even gotten to what blog #1 was supposed to be about…

I love you all. No matter who you are. No matter where you are at. No matter what you have done, no matter what you have left un-done. I love you if you are right, and I love you if you are wrong. I love you if you agree with me, and I love you if you disagree with me. Why? Because this is the type of love I have found, and continue to find in the experience of being continually ambushed by the grace & love of God found in Jesus.

David Leo Schultz

“There is a beautiful transparency to honest disciples who never wear a false face and do not pretend to be anything but who they are.” – Brennan Manning

I’m not quite there yet…but I sure as hell wanna try. Not to earn his love, but to respond. Thank you for your love Abba, Daddy.

I’m not quite there yet…but I’m sure as hell gonna try.


~ by David Leo Schultz on October 6, 2015.

One Response to “TO CUSS OR NOT TO CUSS- Day #1 of the 30 day challenge to blog every day”

  1. Keep going Dave. It’s through your life that we can see the goodness, the mercy, the relentless love that Jesus has for all of us. Thank God for people like Rich and Brennan who showed us their lives – the good, bad and the ugly so that we can learn and have hope in the world that Jesus exists, is here with us, is here for us, no matter what.

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