Audition for the Movie?

Well, we are still in pursuit of WHO will play Rich Mullins. We are actively pursuing both known, and unknown talent. We do have some possibilities, but we want to find the perfect fit.  So we’d like to open the door up a little further. If you or anyone you might know, might like to audition for the Rich Mullins movie here’s what you got to do:

1) Prepare: Watch Rich Mullins clips on line, listen to his music, etc.

2) Play 1 (yes, only one) song, and give us about one or two minutes of a” Rich Mullins talk”. As you may or may not know, Rich would often talk between songs. Many of his fans, were as drawn to his words as they were to his lyrics and music.

Tip: There are plenty of Rich Mullins Youtube clips on line of him in concert where he plays and “talks”. Example:

3) Put yourself on tape. Tape yourself, don’t worry about it being super high quality, it’s just an audition tape. Upload it to the Internet and email us a link, with all of your contact info and basic information: (email/phone/name/height/age etc) Also inlcude what instruments you play if any.

4) Email us a link to your audition tape. Yep, email us a link to your audition tape. And if it’s a small enough file you may be able to email it.  How should we know, we make movies not computers? email us at:

5) When will I know? If we contact you, we will most likely have you go to the next stage of auditioning. We will give you the pertinent details at that time. We are planning on Shooting in the Summer, so if you have any possible conflicts, let us know. Please don’t be disheartened if we don’t contact you. We, and all of the fans and supporters of Rich Mullins and the movie, what it to be the best that it can possibly be. And this is not a reflection of your talent. You may be a great actor and/or musician, but just not be right for the role of Rich Mullins.

6) What about other roles in the movie? We will be holding additional auditions, conducted more the traditional route. Keep following on Facebook/Twitter to find out. Also, for you men auditioning for Rich Mullins, while you might not fit the role of Rich, you may be right for something else, and even though we aren’t releasing the script/sides for other roles, we may find you to be a right fit for something else. So if you have any desire to act in the film, I would encourage you to do this.

email us your audition at:


Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters, we appreciate all of you so much.

Keep us in your prayers, that we continue to trust in Jesus, and keep focused on Him.


David Schultz



~ by David Leo Schultz on January 31, 2012.

One Response to “Audition for the Movie?”

  1. Dear David, Please count me in however needed. I don’t think we’ve ever met, but for about five years after Rich’s death, I posted something called the “Rich Quote of the Day” to an email group calling the Rich Mullins Mailing List. I have nearly every concert t-shirt that was made available from 1989 to Rich’s death. I’d love to be involved in your project in any and all ways possible.

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